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The Marikkar family of Kandy who originated from Moorish beginnings, can trace its Sri Lankan origins back to the reign of the Kandyan Sinhala king, Rajasinghe II of Senkadagala (1635-1687). It has been documented that the daughter of king Rajasinghe II’s brother Kumarasinghe, married a Marikkar. Thus, the family was given the royal “ge” name “Galagaha Vidanalage Gedara” and king Rajasinghe’s niece was referred to as “Galagaha Vidanalage Gedara Seeelawathi Kumarihami”. The 20th century patriarch of the Marikar family, M.A.S. Marikkar, established the law firm of “Marikkar & Marikkar” located in Kandy. The family tree in this website begins with his father, S.M.L. Marikkar, who was a representative of the governor of Ceylon, Sir Henry Arthur Blake (1840-… Read More



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